These are a few of the Web sites and authors I recommend.

John T. Reed is a professional author living in California who writes about several subjects including investment real estate. He focuses on residential single-family and multi-family properties and does not write about partial property rentals the way I do, however his advice is sound. I’ve met Mr. Reed in person and seen him speak live, and although we don’t see eye to eye on a number of social, economic, or political issues he is still one of the best sources of information for beginner landlords.

Mr. Money Mustache is a frugality blogger whose site includes a large and active message board. Having reached financial independence himself at what many people consider to be an early age, he emphasizes low consumption, savings, and investment as a means to enjoy life and to retire early.

This author is a former FBI investigator and profiler who has written a book I highly recommend, Dangerous Instincts. The book contains tips and tricks that go way beyond pop psychology, and the author offers case studies and peer reviewed experimental data to back up her statements. She goes against the grain in┬ámany ways because most authors praise “gut instinct”, “intuition” or “subconscious messages” as a way to reliably avoid bad situations. In reality, dangerous people are very skilled at manipulating appearances and taking advantage of people’s emotions.