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    1. No verbally attacking another person. You may argue as much as you like, but make sure your challenges are based on fact, on logic, or on both.

    2. No hate speech advocating actual violence against other people.

    3. No advertising or link sharing except in the Community subsections, where you may post links to YOUR OWN products or services, provided they are relevant to residential landlords in the nation to which the subection belongs. These might include repair services, online classified ads, accounting or legal or services, or anything else that will help users of this forum expand or improve their business. But this is not a good place to advertise your room for rent. The only people who will see it here are other residential landlords who already have a place to live.

    4. No spam. Links that are outside the Community subsections may be flagged and deleted as spam. Links not related to the residential landlord business will be deleted as spam wherever they are found. Moderators reserve the right to ban repeat spammers.

    5. Moderators reserve the right to lock contentious threads where the conversation has degenerated into an argument.

    6. Political discussions have no place on this forum except to the extent that you’re discussing legislation, lobbying, or court decisions related to single-room residential landlords. Social justice warriors and various types of rights activists need to take their antics somewhere else.

    7. This forum may include offensive language. I don’t mind occasional use of all the words you can’t use on television (we are adults, after all), and I don’t mind sarcastic humor. There’s a Rant section where you may, if you wish, vent and let off some steam. Others will be doing the same.

    8. This is not a place to proselytize, and moderators will squash all manner of religious debate centered around doctrine, the afterlife, or which belief system is best. But religion does have a place on this board when it focuses on business opportunities or problems facing residential landords. For example: many new immigrants come from countries where the dominant religion is Buddhism, Islam, or Hindu. Some of these new immigrants seek out single rooms to live in. This represents a possible business opportunity for someone, so, are there things a landlord can do to make his or her home attractive to such a customer?

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